Oil Separation, Clean-up and Recycling Chemistry, Technology and Equipment
For Cost Effective Results On
Storage Tanks, Pits, Sumps, Vessels, Barges and Spill Clean-Ups
PureOil - Cost Effective, Environment Friendly
PureOil - When All Costs And Benefits Are Considered
No Other Method Of Sludge Removal Or Reclamation Compares
PureOil - The First Green, Petroleum Recovery Chemistry

Proprietary, Non-toxic, Non-flammable and Environmentally Safe
Oil Clean-up Equipment and Chemistry - For Effective Use On Land And Sea
Problems With Traditional Methods Of Oil Removal and Recovery
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* The resulting waste-stream is increased by 100-400%, thereby substantially
   adding to the cost of transporting and storing the further contaminated waste

* The cost of removing the cleaning chemical/diesel used

* The cost of potently recovering usable petroleum from waste-stream is prohibitive
   as solvents and emulsifiers chemically alter the petroleum oil

* The added cost of processing and disposal of the additional solvents/water mixture
The Use of PureOil Chemistry and
Equipment Technology
Eliminates These Costly Problems
PureOil non-hazardous chemistry utilizes complex water soluble
formulas that, together with the proper application technology,
will turn oily sludges into a pumpable slurry.

This slurry can be pumped to the PureOil oil recovery processing
system to release the inorganic from hydrocarbons -- Allowing For
Total, Recyclable Oil Recovery.

With PureOil clean-up technology overall costs for removal of
petroleum contaminated material is substantially below costs
of traditional clean-up methods.
PureOil environment friendly oil recovery systems include proprietary
chemistry and equipment -- The cleaning equipment units effectively
mix PureOil cleaning solutions with oil sludge to produce a continuous separate stream of oil and sand.

As the oily sludge travels through the system, the inorganics
(i.e. sand, clay or catalyst cat fines) will be released from the oil.
The solids will drop out of suspension, be containerized and then
evaluated for reuse or properly characterized for offsite disposal.
The crude oil will float and is skimmed from the PureOil product;
the chemistry will be recycled back into the process unit for
re-introduction into the recovery system and further oil
separation and recovery.

PureOIl systems include custom designed oil skimming equipment
for use on land and waterways. The oil cleaning systems utilize a process that will not create a problem in the oil water separation zone of the unit. Single units for small spills and multiple units for larger spills are available --- Allowing For Unlimited Oil Recovery.
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